MY VR Development Journey

So I’m making a VR game… or I have been for a while. I bought myself the Oculus Quest V1 in 2019 specifically because I thought it would be fun to make games with… but up until now it’s been mostly off-and-on with very little progress.

I’ve decided to keep myself more accountable and put in at least 1 hour every day. So this is basically a record of that.

Why VR?

I feel like there is still a lot of unexplored territory when it comes to VR experiences. I get really excited thinking about possible game ideas and I want to try things out!

What Experiences do I like in VR?

I find I’m drawn to immersive experiences that aren’t too fast paced. I think the point of VR is to transport you to a new world. Even in action games such as the Vader Immortal series I find I just want to look around and explore rather than follow the action. Honestly, the First Steps free experience on the Quest is beautifully done and really immerses you in a virtual world. I always get people to try that first. I also like games with fun physics.

Elven Assassin is one of my GO TO games when it comes to a simple and tight gameplay experience with a fun core mechanic.

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