Game Design Journal: Façade: Entry Point

I’ve been pondering an idea for a card game for a long time now. Any time I go for a run passed beautiful houses it gets me thinking about how that could be turned into a fun game experience.

I started by sketching ideas of how that might look…

I sat on that for a while, ruminating and waiting until summer break. Today I came up with a basic set of cards including roof pieces, walls and decorations. I designed the cards in Adobe Illustrator and arranged them to see how they might fit together.

How does the game actually work?

Its built on controlling properties. Players take turns placing building cards that consist of wall and roof parts. Each player also has door and window cards in their color to denote the floors in a building that they own. The ownership extends to all areas that are connected. And those connections are determined by the patterns of wood that are on the façade.

Wall Patterns

The next update will hopefully be a printed version!

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