Fixing Physics and Headbutting stuff

Fixing the collision issues wasn’t too difficult. I just had to shuffle the layers around so that grabbable things don’t collide with the player.

thanks Unity Manual!

Next I implemented the basic mechanical buttons that are already built into the template I’m using. From a UX perspective I figured it would be feel better to have physical mechanical buttons rather than rely only on UI canvases. I’m also creating a cable that I want the player to be able to plug into their arm to activate the computer screen.

pressing the button turns the fan on

Lastly I got this idea of adding a collider to the head to allow for headbutting interaction. I built a little test zone to try it out.

the button dispenses a ball which you can try to knock through one of the 3 rings.

It works but I want the player to really be able to pop it up when they headbutt the ball but to do that I need to figure out a way to amplify the force that the player moves the Oculus headset with. Increasing the bounciness alone isn’t enough as the maximum is 1. Possibly something like the script here?

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